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Nepalese Citizens

Are you a Nepalese nationality?

If yes, please read the following important rules before you proceed for the international flight booking:

  1. If you are travelling via HONG KONG by CATHAY DRAGON/CATHAY PACIFIC or other similar airlines:

    Passengers will not be allowed to board from Kathmandu without a valid visa of HONGKONG to travel following destinations:

    Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions, SouthAfrica, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Srilanka, Thailand, Vietnam and the Middle East.

  2. If you are transiting 2 CITIES in CHINA by CHINA SOUTHERN airlines

    Passengers transiting GUANGZHOU and another city in CHINA ( 2 cities in CHINA ) before taking a connecting flight for their overseas travel will not be allowed to transit without valid VISA stamped on their passports prior to the commencement of journey from Kathmandu.

  3. Restricted transit countries

    Nepalese nationalities are not allowed to transit USA and CANADA without valid transit visa while travelling to any other countries using any airlines.

  4. Refugee visa 

    Nepalese nationalities with refugee visa of USA are not allowed to transit via London.

  5. 24 Hrs transit 

    Nepalese nationalities are not allowed to stay more than 24 hrs transit in any country where it needs a visa to enter.

  6. Airport in transit 

    In case of transit flight, please confirm the arrival and departure airport in transit which might be the same or different.


    I. A citizen of Nepal entering India by land or air does not require a passport or Visa for entry in India.

    II. A citizen of Nepal while travelling by air between Nepal and India is required to be in possession of any of the following identity documents to establish his/her identity as a Nepalese citizen:-

    1. Nepalese Passport.
    2. Nepalese Citizenship Certificate.
    3. Voter’s Identification Card issued by the Election Commission of Nepal.
    4. Limited Validity photo-identity certificate issued by Nepalese Missions in India when deemed necessary.
    5. For children between the age group of 10-18, photo ID issued by the Principal of the School, if accompanied by parents having valid travel documents.  No such document is required for children below the age group of 10 years. 

    III. A citizen of Nepal must be in possession of a valid Passport while entering/exiting India from/to a place other than Nepal. 

    IV. A citizen of Nepal must have a visa for India if he/she is entering India from China, Macau, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Maldives.

Important notice: I Sewa Travel will not be responsible for any deportation or deny boarding case if do not follow the above rules, however, a refund will be provided deducting applicable charges only in case of refundable fares.

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